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Hex Inverter Hex Inverter IC diagram
Hex Inverter Hex Inverter IC diagram
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Hex Inverter 6 Input and Outputs 2-5.5v Operation

Do you have a signal wire that you need to invert. This integrated circuit takes a low signal and brings it high, and takes a high signal and brings it low.


Texas Instruments SN74AHCUO4N

This hex inverter has an operating range of 2V to 5.5V. Input (A) High, Output (Y) LowInput (A) Low, Output (Y) High

The chip contains 14 pins:- Vcc on pin 14- GND on pin 76 inputs and output: 1A pin 1, 1Y pin 2, 2A pin 3, 2Y pin 4, 3A pin 5, 3Y pin 6, 4A pin 9, 4Y pin 8, 5A pin 11, 5Y pin 10, 6A pin 13, 6Y pin 12

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