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  • blueChick v. 4.2 CNC Machine
    Available in two sizes 1'x3' and 1'x2' routing areas.
  • Mechanics to Minimize Backlash
    Running on tensioned roller chain to eliminate backlash and small drive sprockets to increase mechanical precision.
  • Cable Carriers
    Perfectly manage the cables and hoses with these cable chains.
  • greenBull CNC Machine
    If you need BIG, we've got BIG. Available in 5 foot and 6 foot widths. Make it as long as you want!
  • Spindles and VFDs
    1.5 kW, 2.2 kW and 4.0 kW available. Also see our 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" ER-20 Collets
  • blackTooth Laser Cutter and Engraver
    New and coming very soon, lasing all kinds of materials.
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Research and Development

We have many ideas and project that we are constantly devleoping, but we don't have a good understanding of the interest from our devoted users and customers. We constantly get requests to develop new machines and offer specific products. This is where you can guide us! Vote on the project, development idea, or product that you would like to see on this website and the projects will be sorted by the votes. You can also submit your own ideas.

Add your development request and we will add it to our R&D board on Pinterest.

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Top Research and Development Projects Sorted by the Number of Votes

5 Axis CNC Machine adapted to greenBull (Head/Spindle rotate and swivel)

Description: Adapting Greenbull the 5th axis can allow greatly expand the possibilities of mechining, improve the finished product and optimize cutting tools use to perform any geometry with the minimum number of tools. For me, and I guess for many others, it is priority and necessary. That has my vote.

Progress: Not Started.

5 Axis CNC Machine adapted to greenBull (Head/Spindle rotate and swivel)

Description: This is a head unit that would revolve around two separate axes. This is a configuration where the head of the CNC machine is revolving around two separate axes, rather than the work-piece is being revolved by two axes.

Progress: Not Started.

wooden cnc wood lathe cheap and powerful!

Description: I like the way of your machine are built, i research on the internet and i have idea, build a cnc wood lathe similar to the Blackfoot (99% of plywood) I found inspiration in 2 video grinder cnc lathe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQrXb7AZzaU 100% wooden lathe copier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQkv7ik1lb4 we can see a wood lathe made of 100% wood work great and the idea of ??grinder are very powerful! I think this idea is not difficult to build for Patrick. a lot of people would like to have this machine.

Progress: Not Started.

Headless Interface for the CNC Machine

Description: A standalone controller that doesn't require a computer to control the CNC machine.

Progress: In schematic design phase.

3D SLA Printing (Photosensitive Resin) - Top Down DLP

Description: A machine that produces 3D plastic object using the SLA Stereolithography process. The top down refers to the orientation of the UV light source and the direction it is pointing. The top down is the traditional method, but using a DLP projector to harden the photosensitive resin, layer by layer.

Progress: Near completion. The dedicated controller is being tested.

Preview of the 3D SLA Printer

4th Axis 2' x 4' size machine (work-piece rotates)

Description: The addition of a head stock and tail stock for the blackToe CNC machine. The head stock (indexed by motion control) and tail stock will enable the work-piece to rotate so the cutting tool can carve the work-piece at all angles with respect to the 4th axis.

Progress: Initiated development.

New CNC machine with 4th Axis on side of machine.

Description: This CNC machine would contain a 4th axis on the side of the machine where the gantry would cantilever to one side to access the 4th axis. The non-cantilevering portion of the machine would be configured as a typical 3 axis vertical mill. This setup would allow for unique clamping configurations for applications that would enable longer parts to be carved.

Progress: Not Started.

3D Scanning

Description: Research into the various methods on the market and develop the most viable version.

Progress: Not Started.

3 axis lathe to work with a small midi wood turning lathe

Description: Looking for a y/z gantry set up, modified to accept a small wood turning lathe. Possible stepper motor control for lathe spindle, this would be 3rd axis.

Progress: Not Started.

New CNC Machine with Aluminum Structure

Description: A machine that uses aluminum instead of MDO for structure.

Progress: Not Started.

New high current stepping motor driver

Description: Develop a driver that can handle larger motors and provide currents in excess of 6 amps per phase.

Progress: Finished schematic and board layout. Received prototype PCB to testing.

New FDM Style Wall Mounted 3D Printer with a Large Print Area.

Description: This is an FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D Printer that has a table that serves as the Z-axis and mounts to the wall to allow for a reduction of space. This project has been in the works for a while. The project will get more focus if I see any interest.

Progress: Conceptual Design completed. A prototype will be fabricated and tested.

conceptual drawing of the new wall mounted FDM 3d printer

Mini Injection Molding Machine

Description: A smaller prototype of an injection molding machine.

Progress: Not Started.

Vertical 3-Axis CNC Machine * Completed *

Description: Same basic function as any 3-axis cnc router but the cutting table is placed vertical (or almost vertical) instead of horizontal to reduce the needed floor space.

Progress: This machine is completed and called the greenLean. You can find it here: https://www.buildyourcnc.com/item/cnc-machine-greenLean-v1

4' X 4'

Description: waiting on my 30 X 40 shop to get built and planed to get one of your blacktoes , is a 4' X 4' comeing down the road.. 4 x 8 is a little big for me and 2 x 4 too small.. 4 x 4 just right

Progress: That machine can be created from the blackFoot. The only modification is to make the table shorter (6 feet to accomodate the gantry dimension)

USB Interface Keyboard Jog Pad

Description: A simple pad that connects to the USB interface (keyboard jog connector) containing push buttons that will jog the CNC machine.

Progress: Not Started.

Probe (Product Offering)

Description: Develop, or source probes for use with the CNC machine as a method to form a 3D object from a physical object.

Progress: Not Started.

redFrog Pick and Place Improvements

Description: Improve the existing redFrog pick and place machine to include the following features: Relocate the reels so that they are not limiting the access of the machine (relocate below the machine); adding multiple heads for picking and placing different size components without having to replace the vacuum cup; use a pin/solenoid to advance the tape/reel; improve the clear tape removal using a friction rod and spools; reorient the machine axes and location of the reels so that the machine can contain many more reels and is determined by the length of the machine, not the width.

Progress: Not Started.

Laser SLS - 3D Printing

Description: Develop a machine that forms 3D objects using the SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) process. This process uses plastic powder and a laser to melt/fuse the plastic powder layer by layer.

Progress: Not Started.

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