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NEMA 23 Stepping Motor 100oz
NEMA 23 Stepping Motor 100oz
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NEMA 23 Stepping Motor

This NEMA 23 Stepping motor has a step angle of 1.8 degrees (200 steps per revolution). It is a single shaft motor meaning that the shaft does not stick out of the back of the motor. The holding torque is 7.2 Kg-cm (0.707 N-m or 99.98 oz-in). Electrical specifications are 2.25 volts and 3.0 amps of current.


This is a medium/light power motor typically used for machines that push light loads for applications such as laser head movement, small CNC engraving, FDM (fused Deposition Modeling aka 3D Printer) machines.

NEMA23 100 oz-in motor datasheet

Here is the datasheet for the motor. The wiring connection is shown on the datasheet. For bipolar wiring, connect as follows:

Black to A+

Green to A-

Red to B+

Blue to B-

The yellow and white is not connected.