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1/4" ID Drive Sprocket (9 teeth)
5/16" ID Drive Sprocket (11 Teeth)

These sprockets are great for adding to the shaft of a motor to make something move. The drive sprocket will pair with a #25 roller chain.


For the best resolution of motion, you will want the fewest number of teeth. This will cause a slower motion, but with higher precision, and this is the drive sprocket that fits 1/4" shafts with the fewest number of teeth. The number of teeth on this drive sprocket is (9) nine. There are two set screws that hold the drive sprocket in place and these are #10 UNC (Unified national coarse) thread type.

The bore (Inside Diameter) is 1/4" so this drive sprocket will fit most NEMA 23 or 24 motors. The pitch from tooth to tooth is 1/4" (.25 inches). Multiply the pitch with the number of teeth to get the pitch diameter (the distance it will travel with one turn.

The sprocket has only 9 teeth with .25" pitch for a total of 2.25 inches of travel in one turn of the motor. That's 1422.222 steps per inch with 1/16 microstepping and the standard 200 steps per revolution.


Basic information on sprockets and roller chain. This video explains the uses of drive sprockets and idler sprocket and goes into some details of the geometry of the sprockets, how they work and various configuration that can be used with sprockets and roller chain. Information on calculating the steps per inch is also explained.