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1/2" ID Drive Sprocket - 14 teeth

This is a 14 tooth 1/2" ID drive sprocket that mates with a #25 roller chain (bicycle chain). With a drive sprocket on a motor and an roller chain, you can make things move.


This drive sprocket has 14 teeth at a pitch of 1/4" (.25 inches). You can calculate the travel of one revolution by multiplying the number of teeth and the pitch.

For instance: You have a motor with a 1/2" shaft and looking for the fewest number of teeth to achieve the highest possible mechanical resolution. The sprocket has 14 teeth with .25" pitch for a total of 3.5 inches of travel in one turn of the motor. Here are the resolutions at varying microsteps (in steps per inch): Full Step - 57.143, 1/2 - 144.286, 1/4 - 228.571, 1/8 - 457.143, 1/16 - 914.286, 1/32 - 1828.571.

This drive sprocket also has two set screws. The set screws are #10 UNC (Unified National Coarse - standard type) and uses an allen wrench to tighten.

The bore (inside diameter) is 1/2" (.5 inches). This drive sprocket will fit on a shaft that has a 1/2" diameter. This sprocket will fit on our NEMA 34 stepping motors.


Basic information on sprockets and roller chain. This video explains the uses of drive sprockets and idler sprocket and goes into some details of the geometry of the sprockets, how they work and various configuration that can be used with sprockets and roller chain. Information on calculating the steps per inch is also explained.