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Eyebolt Single Eyebolt 5 Pack Eyebolt 10 Pack
Eyebolt Single Eyebolt 5 Pack Eyebolt 10 Pack
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1/4" x 3" Eyebolt with 1/4" Nut
1/4" x 3" Eyebolt with 1/4" Nut (5 Pack)
1/4" x 3" Eyebolt with 1/4" Nut (10 Pack)

This is a 1/4" x 3" eyebolt that has a circular end to run wire rope, string , or in our case use roll chain for a CNC machine,


The 1/4" x 3" is available in 1 , 5 , and 10 packs. Included with the 1/4" x 3" eyebolt is a 1/4" hex nut. The diameter of the eyebolt is 1/4". Total length of the eye bolt is 3 inches , and the length of the thread is 1 3/4" inches.

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