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Screenshot of mach4 cnc control program
Screenshot of mach4 cnc control program
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Mach4 Hobby License
Mach4 Parallel Port Legacy Plug-in (Required for Parallel Breakout Board)

This is the newest software offered by the makers of Mach3. Mach4 will have more features and an entirely new interface. Mach4 will also run on most Windows operating systems. You will be able to run a single license on up to 5 machines simultaneously.


Information from the Mach4 webpage: "Mach4 is completely new software and has less than 1% of the programming code in common with Mach3. It was written from the ground up to be expandable, flexible, and extremely responsive for use with very large files on any operating system; including Windows, Apple, and Linux. While there was only one version of Mach3, Mach4 will be offered in different versions (not including the many customized OEM versions)."

Download Mach4 Software Note: This is the base Mach4 software. You will need to purchase and install the license to enable the full version of the software (see registration instructions below).

If you are using the Pokeys57CNC Controller, download the Mach4 plugin and manuals for this controller. You will not need the legacy parallel port plugin with this controller.

New Features on Mach4

  • Type C (Fanuc) cutter compensation standard in Mach4.
  • More accurate tool path compensation for different size tools
  • Improved Anti-gouging
  • Synchronous Motion of up to 6 completely separate coordinate systems (instances) at the same time.
  • Multiple heads, machines and processes to produce complex parts.
  • Asynchronous Motion (out of band axis) to control uncoordinated motion.
  • Pre-change tool changers
  • Robotic Loaders
  • Torch height manual compensation control
  • Multi-Axis Work Shifts and Head shifts to offset cutting tool path for multiple work piece holders and fixtures.
  • Remote Control of machinery (IPC)
  • Control or track CNC equipment from a remote location
  • Greatly expanded troubleshooting
  • Track the operation of equipment
  • Link information between other computer applications Excel, etc
  • New Dynamic tool path display
  • View, rotate, pan, and scale the tool path quickly and easily to ensure G-code is creating the path you expect.
  • Improved screen layout and easily customizable screen modification tool.
  • Change buttons, displays, and indicators easily, quickly, and on the fly!
  • Parallel Port Legacy Plug-in: For compatibility with Parallel Breakout Boards, Mach4 requires an additional $25 purchase for the legacy driver to run off the parallel breakout system.

    Mach4 Registration Instructions:

    • Download the demo version of Mach4 Hobby here
    • After installation, run Mach4 Mill
    • Navigate to "Help" tab on the top menu and select "About"
    • Copy Your PC-ID number and include it in the notes when purchasing or email it to customerservice@buildyourcnc.com with subject line "Mach4 PC-ID for -your name-"
    • Once we have your PC-ID we will send you the license file that will register your copy of Mach4 and email you the license zip file
    • After receiving the file containing your license, save the file into a folder on the same computer you have installed Mach4 on.
    • Open Mach4 Mill and navigate to Help and About again.
    • Click on "Load License File" and select the license file you have just saved. You will receive a confirmation message that Mach4 is registered and you will be asked to restart your computer.

    Instructions for Parallel Port Legacy Plug-in You will receive a file emailed to the email address you have used to register on BuildYourCNC.com unless you specify otherwise. Important Note: The Parallel Legacy Plug-in will not run on 64-bit Operating Systems.

    Follow the same instructions for Mach4 license file installation for the Parallel Port Legacy Plug-in. First download the demo from the downloads page, extract the files and run the program to install the demo driver. Once you have purchased a license, download the license file, save it to your hard drive, locate it in Mach4 under "Help" and "About" and then load the license file to register the plugin.

    As we do with Mach3, if purchasing Mach4 as an add-on with one of our Computer CNC Systems, we will preload Mach4 onto the redLeaf or redSprout at no additional charge.

Ask a question about the Mach4 CNC Control Software:
Previously answered questions:

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  • [Mach4 CNC Control Software] The CNC is routing my letters half the size

    In Mach4, you need to calibrate your axes so that real-world measurements are the same as the measurements for your axes' position.

    Mach4 has a wizard that allows you to calculate the steps per unit for an axis. This is a manual operation, so you will need to use the existing steps per unit in the axis you wish to change.

    Go to motor tuning to grab this number and copy it to the clipboard. Now go to the wizards menu and "select wizard". Scroll through the wizards until you see "StepsPerUnitCalculator" wizard and accept that wizard.

    A new dialog box will appear with fields that you can use to determine the new steps per unit for the desired axis. The incremental move button is available so you can test new values calculated for the steps per unit for the axis. Use the "move distance" along with the "move velocity" to incrementally move to determine move distances.

    Click the link to add information to this solution:
    [468] The CNC is routing my letters half the size

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