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Industrial Water Chiller for 60-80 watt laser
Industrial Water Chiller for 60-80 watt laser
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Industrial Water Chiller - 110V

This is an industrial water chiller used to circulate coolant to a 60-80W CO2 laser tube. These chillers are specifically made to work on 110v mains.


This is the same water chiller that is included with our 80W Vertical Laser XL machine. The chiller features a radiator that cools via forced wind. It has an alarm system when the water is at a high temperature. Includes drainage line for easy draining and refilling.

The CW-3000 is recommended for use with 60-80W Laser Tubes. You may use purified water as coolant, changed out periodically (every couple weeks). If using rough water, replace more frequently.

Note: May not come with 110V power cord. A standard 110V power cable (commonly known as a PC power cord) will work fine with this unit.

  • Power Supply: AC 100-120V, 60Hz
  • Current: 0.9A (AC100-120V)
  • Cooling: Forced Cooling - Radiator
  • Tank Capacity: 9L
  • Amount of Cooling: 50W / Degrees Celsius

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