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18/4 AWG Shielded stranded cable with insulation removed
18/4 AWG Shielded stranded cable with insulation removed
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18/4 SHIELDED Stranded Cable per Foot
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Use this SHIELDED 4 conductor 18 AWG stranded cable for signal level connection. This cable will be protected from interference


This is a cable that you can use to connect signal terminal from one device to another. I use this wire for driver to stepper motor connections to limit the interference to other more delicate signal wires. I also use this cable to connect the VFD to the spindle where three of the wires will connect from U, V and W to pins 1, 2, and 3 of the spindle connector. The 4th wire and the shield will connect to the housing of the spindle and the protective earth ground. There is a bare wire that is connected to the shield which is used to connect to the signal ground to remove the interference. The wire colors are red, black, blue and yellow.

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