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  • blueChick v. 4.2 CNC Machine
    Available in two sizes 1'x3' and 1'x2' routing areas.
  • Mechanics to Minimize Backlash
    Running on tensioned roller chain to eliminate backlash and small drive sprockets to increase mechanical precision.
  • Cable Carriers
    Perfectly manage the cables and hoses with these cable chains.
  • greenBull CNC Machine
    If you need BIG, we've got BIG. Available in 5 foot and 6 foot widths. Make it as long as you want!
  • Spindles and VFDs
    1.5 kW, 2.2 kW and 4.0 kW available. Also see our 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" ER-20 Collets
  • blackTooth Laser Cutter and Engraver
    New and coming very soon, lasing all kinds of materials.

These are my hand picked components and hardware for the perfect leap into this CNC process. You will also get the cut sheets and plans for cutting the necessary MDF pieces for a CNC design that can be made with conventional power and/or hand tools. Includes all of the hardware necessary to build the CNC router: Linear bearing angles (bored and tapped), cross dowels, couplings (1/4" to 1/2" on all three axes), bearings for the linear rails and lead screws (24 - 5/16" and 6 - 1/2") , and the nuts and bolts at various sizes. The lead screws and rails are not included. Now, go out and buy that $9.00 MDF and get started. This package is available now and shipping!

The size of this machine if built according to the measurements in the plans, will travel 40" in the x direction, 20" in the y direction and 5" in the z direction. Other table sizes are possible by altering the measurements in the plans and providing the necessary reinforcements. mechanical components include couplers.

This kit also contains many enhancements from that of the tutorial. The y-axis is appropriately reinforced to minimize any deflection. The x-axis is also well reinforced. Each piece of the kit is precisely cut. The Combo comes with all of the hardware needed for assembly, couplers, bearings and the plans for the MDF pieces. The ready made MDF pieces shown in this image is for illustrations purposes only.

Parts that you will need are the MDF sheets, aluminum or steel angles, lead screws, electronicsfor interfacing to the computer and software which can be gotten for free in many cases.

Parts that are included in the Hardware kit:
These items are offered to minimize the effort to purchase all of the hard to find components and the many types of fasteners.

Plans and Assembly DVD


  • #8 or #10 Screws 2" in length- 12
  • 1/4" diameter - Pan Head
  • 1" - 12
  • 1 1/2" - 6
  • 2" - 20
  • 3" - 8
  • 1/4" Diameter - Angled Head 1" - 16
  • Bolts:
  • 1/4" Diameter
  • 1" - 10
  • 1 1/2" - 6
  • 2" - 28
  • 5/16" - Diameter
  • 3/4" - 24
  • Nuts:
  • #8 or #10 - 36
  • 1/4" - 30
  • 5/16" - 24
  • 1/2" - 15 (13 TPI Allthread Compatible, not ACME Precision)
  • Cross dowels - 52
  • Mechanical:
  • Couplings 1/4" to 1/2" with center bunas - 3
  • Bearings 1/2" Inside Diameter - 6
  • Bearings 5/16" Inside Diameter - 24
  • Aluminum Angles to serve as bearing trucks - 6

  • Items not Included:
    Other items that you will need to completely construct this CNC machine and make it work:
  • Computer of your choice that contains a parallel port
  • Router of your choice
  • Sheets of MDF for the structural parts
  • Aluminum Angles for rails (.75"x.75"x.125").
  • Lead screws (1/2" allthread, or other of your choice). suggested lengths below:
  • X-Axis: ~52 Inches
  • Y-Axis: ~32 Inches
  • Z-Axis: ~14 Inches
  • Electronics
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