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Fabricator Pro - Metal CNC Router Machine
Fabricator Pro - Metal CNC Router Machine
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Fabricator Pro Metal CNC Machine - Limited Edition Pre-Order - Expected Fulfillment Jan 2017

The Fabricator Pro is the newest machine from BuildYourCNC. Unlike our name, there isn't much building involved with this machine. This machine is the first BuildYourCNC machine to feature an all-metal structure. This CNC Router comes standard 4' x 8' size (1.2m x 2.4m) but can be customized to accommodate different lengths of travel.


We started the design process for this machine with a blank slate, incorporating everything we’ve learned over the past decade spent designing, manufacturing, and using production automation of all types, from Desktop CNCs to 4 foot by 8 foot 80 Watt Laser cutters. The end result was The Fabricator Pro: A machine which we believe strongly will be a game-changer for the digital fab industry.

Our newest tool continues the mission we started when we began making CNC machines in our garage: To provide affordable, yet extremely capable machines that enable anyone to turn ideas into reality.

With unique features that solve common problems with other machines, the Fabricator Pro offers you greater value and flexibility than anything else on the market.

Special Limited Time Only Pre-Order Price: $11,990

NOTE: Pre-Order price is only for the machine itself (Gantry and frame). No table base will be included with the Pre-Order machine. Regular Price: $13,990

Expected Fulfillment Date for Pre-orders: January 31st 2017

Key Features of the Fabricator Pro

  • Aluminum Structure with HIWIN Precision Guide Rail for smooth motion and high accuracy
  • NEMA 34 651 oz-in stepper on Y Axis.
  • NEMA 24 425 oz-in stepper on Z Axis
  • Heavy Duty NEMA 43 Stepper Motor 1586 oz-in on the X axis with dedicated power supply to ensure no loss of power.
  • 10 Inches of Z-Travel capability: perfect for 3D carving
  • Tensioned Roller chain on the gantry to reduce racking and improve accuracy
  • Mach3 USB Controller for easy PC connectivity
  • Comes with 2.2kW Spindle and Inverter with water-cooling system. 110V or 220V available.
  • Standard Size 4' x 8'. We can alter the machine to fit custom lengths on X and Y axis travel. Get the cutting area you really need!

Video: First Look at the Fabricator Pro

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