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Question #: 5747

Question: Do you have a wiring diagram for a 3 axis system using your compotents. It would be nice if it showed the estop, limit switches,relays...

Current Solution

Depending on the Breakout board that was purchased with your electronics combo, either USB or Parallel:
USB: https://buildyourcnc.com/item/electronicsAndMotors-electronic-component-USB-Controller-Breakout#prettyPhoto/2/
Parallel: https://buildyourcnc.com/item/electronicsAndMotors-parallel-breakout-relay#prettyPhoto/2/

These will have the inputs labeled on the board itself, for example:
USB will have the inputs for all the axis from X, Y, Z, A, limit switches.
Parallel there will be 4 inputs 10, 11, 12, 13, 16(relay). Which can be used as E-stop, Limits (for all axes if wired in a closed loop), and one relay for a spindle control on/off via mach 3 or mach 4 or a specific relay control that you desire.


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